Zacadia attended the 4th Annual Diaspora Forum hosted by the Office of the President of Zanzibar

Zacadia  participated in the Annual Diaspora Forum on August 23-24 to discuss the progress made on improving the lives of Zanzibaris through diaspora efforts, and to plan for the year ahead, which marked our association’s 5th year of operations.

Are you a concerned Zanzibari living overseas? Join hands with us to improve lives for our people on Zanzibar, and strengthen our global network.

Results achieved

Zacadia focuses its efforts on health and education, as well as facilitating remittances in its efforts to alleviate poverty and promote prosperity for people on Zanzibar.

Delivering textbooks, school furniture, and direct financial support to students in need

Zacadia would like to recognize and thank its volunteers and partners for the efforts in supplying materials and equipment to the Ministry of Education in Zanzibar, as well as scholarships for orphan students. A 40 ft Container with school furniture, cupboards, computers, tables, chalkboards, stationeries and textbooks was delivered and we currently support 10 orphans, including some sent outside Zanzibar for studies.

Delivering health supplies, conducting blood pressure screening in rural areas, and providing direct patient support:

Zacadia thanks its dedicated supporters and volunteers for efforts made in improving health services for our people in Zanzibar.

Health supplies were provided to various centres Zanzibar included modern hospital beds sent to Kengeja Development Organization (KEDO) in Pemba.  Wheelchairs were also sent to an organization of disabled people called Zanzibar Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance (Z-NCDA).

As a preventative measure, a blood pressure screening pilot project was initiated in one village in Pemba (Wambaa Village). Zacadia plans to scale up the project to reach villages in Pemba and Unguja in the coming year.

Direct patient support was provided to patients from Pemba island to travel to Dar es Salaam for treatment.

Get involved!

Zacadia invites the global diaspora to rally together to support on the following priorities: 

  1. Learning materials and health supplies including medical equipment, laptops and other materials
  2. Volunteers for training of teachers and health workers, as well as researchers
  3. Financial support for projects, shipping, and student sponsorship

If you wish to become a partner in these efforts, contact us today!

Job and Volunteer Opportunities for Tanzanians

Zacadia, through its international network, is pleased to share opportunities which may be of relevance to fellow Zanzibaris.

Get Noticed! Executive search in Telecommunications, Banking and Mining

Global executive search firm, Evolve,  is looking for Tanzanians for opportunities in telecommunications, banking and other sectors. For more information, contact Julia Hlalale, Senior Manager, Knowledge Management.

Is your company interested in becoming an e-Mentor for a Tanzanian business?

CUSO International developed the Tanzania Local Enterprise Development (T-LED) Project to provide training, financing and e-mentoring to grow Tanzanian SMEs in the agribusiness sector. CUSO is calling any Canadian businesses established for 5+ years to participate in this unique mentoring exchange project.

Expected time commitment: 1 time a week for ~the first 4 weeks, then 1 time every 2 weeks for 8 weeks, then every 3 weeks for 9 months; from September 2017 to early August 2018.

Start of Mentoring: End of September 2017.

For more information on T-LED and the incentive to participate, contact Daria Smeh: or 647-522-3432

Volunteer your skills back home through an international NGO (honorarium)

CUSO international is lookinging fill positions for paid volunteer placements in Tanzania (and internationally). Open to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents Only.

To access E-volunteer opportunities through CUSO International, click here, or subscribe to CUSO International’s newsletter.

Translation Services – English to Swahili  (honorarium)

Ontario Council for International Cooperation is seeking translations services for an international development project (Honorarium provided). For more information contact

Are you aware of opportunities that you want to share with the network? Send us an email to be featured in the next newsletter or post directly on our Facebook Page!

Mnazi Moja and Chake Chake Hospitals need your support!

It is difficult for any Zanzibari to think of someone whose life has not been touched by our island’s over-worked hospitals. Whether it is a sister, mother, or daughter giving birth in the crowded maternity ward, emergency response for injuries or the sudden onset of malaria symptoms, the hospital is our lifeblood – quite literally.

For the hospital and medical staff that consistently gives more than it can, Zacadia is calling on international diaspora members and associations to join forces in raising funds and in-kind equipment donations for Mnazi Moja and Chake Chake hospitals. By working together we can improve the quality of medical service for our brothers and sisters on Zanzibar.

The hospitals have indicated that the priority items required are as follows:

Mnazi Moja Hospital (Zanzibar Blood Donor Association) Chake Chake Hospital
Suction machine

Neck collar

Oral Pharyngeal airway

Spinal boards

Intra osseous needles

Endotracheal tubes size (7, 7.5)

Nasal prongs (paediatrics)

Face mask with reservoir (adult and children)

Dressing materials (gauze, bandages, cotton)

Dressing equipment (Scissors, surgical blades, forceps)


Digital thermometer

Blood pressure machines digital and manual

(3 )Washing machines ( 20Kg load)

(3 )Dryers

(20) Blood pressure machines

(30) Stethoscopes

(10) Gluco plus machine

(20 boxes) Blood glucose test strips

(3) Hemocue machine 201

(30) Hb Cuvattes (Hb 201)

(2) Full blood picture machine, FBP (mindray)

(2) Hormonal assay machine (mindray)

(2) Photocopy machines


Contact us to participate in this campaign!

Op Ed: Should the Diaspora efforts align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were announced in 2015, and aim to represent a truly global effort at achieving development outcomes across 17 areas including health, education, water and sanitation, and economic growth.

While international efforts in these areas are backed by major government donors from countries such as Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Japan, the financial flows from money sent home by the diaspora are three times greater.  Every month, Zanzibaris send home TZS 3 billion through the WorldRemit platform.

This begs the question of how, or should, global remittances be coordinated for achieving shared goals of alleviating poverty, improving access to high quality education and healthcare services, and stimulation of the economy?

Write to us with your thoughts!

Diaspora Spotlight: Fahad Awadh, CEO, YYTZ Agro Ltd.

Zacadia is pleased to recognize the success of Fahad Awadh, a young Zanzibari-Canadian entrepreneur who has recently returned to Zanzibar to establish, YYTZ Agro Limited, a  full service cashew processing company operating modern equipment for processing, maintaining a work environment that exceeds the highest international food standards.

Recognized by Forbes Magazine for his success in winning  $500,000 in funding for the venture before the age of 30, Fahad Awadh is a prime example of the potential for the diaspora to apply international experience for the growth and prosperity of our people.

Know someone that you would like to nominate to be featured? Contact us!

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